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Welcome to the ArmyGuideSM website. The ArmyGuide webpage currently provides a list of blogs written by soldiers, with an emphasis on those serving in Iraq.

Sure, the Army has an official website, but there's no more authentic guide to the Army than what's written by those serving in it. We hope you'll support our service by letting people know about our site and these blogs. Most of the blogs have news feeds in ATOM or RSS format, so you can subscribe to them using the icons presented and a feed reader.

Do you have a blog to add? E-mail the site's administrator at mmetz -at- alum.mit.edu. (replace -at- with @).

> MilBlogs

One Marine's View
Capt B's reporting from Iraq, with an emphasis on countering the media's unprofessional reporting. Notable for his Dec '05 debunking of the Ramadi story.
A Soldier's Thoughts
A US soldier in Tikrit Iraq and his thoughts on life, family, the stop loss, and more.
All The King's Horses on GoetzIT.com
'The chronicles of one life in a troubled land in search of answers.' Run by a 'stop lossed' soldier serving for his second time in Iraq
Far From Perfect-The Life of a Paramedic
The maintainer of the site is currently serving on Active Duty with the US Army
A Day In Iraq
A soldier's daily experiences while living and fighting in Iraq
A Female Soldier's Story
A soldier and combat medic's blog, with links to lots of deployment checklists in .pdf format
Sgt. Humphries World
A glimpse in the life of Sgt. Chancy Humphries, with lots of photos.
Life in this Girl's Army
Commentary on life by Sergeant Lizzie out there for all to see.
In depth postings about the war with media commentary, plus an extensive blogroll.
Steven Kiel
Operation Hands Full / handing out packages of stuff for the Iraqi soldiers.
Armor Geddon
Redsix Neil Prakash's excellent blog on armored combat against insurgents.

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A Soldier's Perspective
Excellent firsthand account of combat in Iraq with photos and political commentary as well.
Baghdad Burning
Girl Blog from Iraq. Lots of Iraqi political commentary.
Confessions of a Caffinated Zoomie
Ranting and ravings and horrific insight into the life of a caffinated Zoomer. Real descriptions and no bullshit events of life in Iraq
OPFOR Soldier
Former Infantry NCO who is supporting soldiers in IRAQ.
A Line In The Sand
Sergeant Missick's view of Iraq as a Signal Battalion NCO. Also operates www.webofsupport.com.
Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
The blog of an Assistant S2 serving in Iraq.

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